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100% Deposit Back Campaign for Students

You want 100% of your deposit back! We want to give you 100% of your deposit back!

To make that happen we’ve started a new campaign giving you help and advice about maintaining your accommodation to a standard that passes the end of year inspection.

With Homelife Lettings you can forget about the rumours and ignore the ‘horror stories’ of landlords not giving your deposit back – our aim is for you to get 100% of your deposit back.

We have even set ourselves a target of helping all of our lettings get all of their deposit back. That means at the end of the year we’re aiming for 100% back for you and 100% success rate for us!

Watch these Videos of How to Get 100% of Your Deposit Back

The videos below are recent examples of rooms that were left in a good or poor condition.

You’ll see exactly what we are expecting the property to look like when you finish your tenancy and examples of slack cleaning and care. There isn’t much to it and once you’ve got into a cleaning groove you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

How to Expect Less than 100% of Your Deposit Back

This campaign is running all year and for our students in October we’ll be giving out pizzas to the best kept homes following our next inspection, keep your eye out for your welcome email for information about this!

If you need to know more about our 100% deposit back campaign then call us now and we’ll answer any question you have – telephone 023 8058 6838

Over the course of the year we will be posting videos showing you how to maintain your living space to a standard that will always pass inspection.

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