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How the Deposit Scheme Benefits You

Knowing that your money is held securely in a deposit scheme that benefits you, gives you peace of mind when you rent a property. Deposits are rarely insignificant sums of money to tenants, especially students, who rely on receiving the money back at the end of their time at university, to help them whilst they look for work or unwind with a gap year before seeking employment.


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Why Should I Trust Deposit Schemes?

Keeping your money in a government approved deposit scheme will benefit you as:

  • Your money is protected, so providing you have adhered and respected the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement, have proof that all final utility bills have been paid in full and left the house in good repair and clean, at the end of your tenancy agreement you will receive your deposit back, in full.
  • Your money will not be lost or disappear, as your deposit is loaded onto a secure, protected database. Homelife Lettings use the government approved scheme, to look after your money so not only is there no chance of it going missing, being stolen or taken unfairly from you.

Today, all reputable letting agencies use a government approved deposit scheme to give tenants and landlords peace of mind.

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If A Dispute Arises


If disputes arise will listen to both sides of the argument and decide how much of the deposit should be returned to the tenants and how much should be passed onto the landlord in compensation for damage or missed payments. This avoids lengthy and expensive court cases for both parties.

Knowing that your deposit is being safely looked after is the best scenario for tenants renting accommodation.

For more information about how the deposit scheme benefits you or about how it works please call our friendly team today on 023 8058 6838.